game changing techology


Our software platform transforms real time data from games and simulations to haptic effects.  With the capability to overlay with external data streams to enhance the experience across 8 sensory affects and 5 degrees of freedom.

The Haptec software platform is the core foundation of the experience and has the capabilities to be used across a wide array of games, metaverses and even 3rd party hardware

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Haptec’s unique AI driven procedural generation techniques drastically reduce the time taken to develop both interactive and passive AAA content. We can deliver cutting edge experiences 10 times quicker than when using traditional techniques.

This means that new experiences can be generated quickly and when combined with our modular hardware allows a vast array of new and fresh experiences all the time!

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Haptec has developed a revolutionary way to control low-cost industrial motors with great accuracy such that we can provide many times more degrees of motion for the same price point as platforms built using traditional control methods.

With a modular design, we can create a multitude of different simulators keeping the experience new and interesting!

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 HAVE to SAY...

WITH OUR Launch coming soon we decided to get experts to try our simulators

"The closest to the real thing and certainly the most immersive experience I’ve seen during my career with F1"

Mikey Brown, Formula 1 Team Force India

"Sensations are comparable to Professional racing simulator. Very smart design."

Guillaume Le Geoff – The Grid Agency CEO and Pierre Gasly Manager

"…it is so close to the real racing experience… it really adds to the driving experience."

Romain Leroux– 2021 French GT4 Champion

"The feeling is exceptional. Very different to any other platform I have tested so far."

James Russell, E-Racing Team Manager in Asia