Opening in early 2023, the Haptec Experience Centres will be a dedicated virtual reality space for everyone to come and feel the thrill of VR with motion!

Our different simulators with experiences to match will keep even the hardcore enthusiasts happy and all in a friendly and relaxing environment. You can relax between experiences and have watch others play and our dedicated breakout spaces will bring a new dimension to Corporate team building!

Relax and have a drink at the bar, watch your friends or revel in the fun that is Haptec motion based VR - it will all be here soon starting in London

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With different simulators playing in the same game, Haptec can deliver team experiences like no other. Imagine yourself and your friends on a mission to win the war!
Success requires communication and team work to fight off the enemy fighters, navigate to the target and then a tense flight towards the dam where super-accurate flying and timing is required to hit the target.


Haptec’s mobile simulators and configurable software mean that our Experiences can be delivered in almost any environment.

For our Partners who are looking to deliver a great customer experience to their clients with available space in their business with an attractive commercial model.

This suits all types of bricks and mortar businesses such as hotels, cinemas, restaurants and even go-karting tracks!  Want you employees to come to the office more? What about a Haptec simulator on your corporate campus?

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Haptec can help deliver a new and varied experience to existing VR centres!

For those centres who generally use free roaming experiences Haptec can deliver variation with motion. Our different experiences from action packed to "ride-alongs" allow us to cater for your clientele.

We offer an attractive commercial model and the capability to continually swap out the hardware and software experiences to make sure you clients keep coming back for more motion with VR!

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 HAVE to SAY...

WITH OUR Launch coming soon we decided to get experts to try our simulators

"The closest to the real thing and certainly the most immersive experience I’ve seen during my career with F1"

Mikey Brown, Formula 1 Team Force India

"Sensations are comparable to Professional racing simulator. Very smart design."

Guillaume Le Geoff – The Grid Agency CEO and Pierre Gasly Manager

"…it is so close to the real racing experience… it really adds to the driving experience."

Romain Leroux– 2021 French GT4 Champion

"The feeling is exceptional. Very different to any other platform I have tested so far."

James Russell, E-Racing Team Manager in Asia